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erotisches Tantra

Our offers and prices:

Body-to-Body-Basic 1h = 150 € we massage you with our body, you stay passive
Mutual Massage 1h = 170 € More intense than body-to-body. If you like, you´re allowed to massage your shakti as well.
Voyeur 1h = 190 € take a look into paradise! Our most erotic massage!
Cockbliss, only by Chaya
1/2h = 100 € very erotic lingammassage
Shower Power 1/2h = 100 € the hottest shower you have ever had - body to body with your shakti. Combine it with your favourite massage!
Anal Massage + 30 €

tantra deluxe massages

wet cockbliss
1,5h = 290 €
1/2h Shower Power and
1h cockbliss (most erotic lingammassage)
hot shot
1,5h = 250 €
we undress each other and take a long hot shower - body-to-body. Then we´re greedy to enjoy a mutual massage.
unser liebling - our favourite
2h = 350 €
first snuggling body-to-body  by taking a very intimate shower - enjoying a brisk champagne. This creates the atmosphere for a very intensive totally erotic voyeur massage.
NEW: sia-sia-massage1,5h = 250 €
2h = 350 €
means as well as.. you can´t decide if you want to stay passive or active. You do not have to decide: the first hour you stay completely passive (you have the opportunity to explore your own body and you have the kick, although you d like to touch, you re not allowed), the next half hour or hour you may be as active as you like. Just try this fantastic experience!
Tantra ritual
basic b2b, mutual or voyeur
(only by Chaya, Madlen)
1,5h = 220 - 250 - 280 €
we do together different meditative sensual tantric rituales and erotic massages.

double deluxe: Männertraum
men´s dream "MÄNNERTRAUM" by two girlfriends
2h 390€ mutual or
2h 450 € voyeur
vulcanic erotical treatment, shower power, voyeur, girlfriends loving each other

And please notice: We don´t do oral or sexual intercourse!.


If you like to take a shower before or after the massage on your own, it´s of course
free of charge. Take enough time for your visit. The mentioned times are pure massage times.
If you like to visit us please make first an appointment.

You can either phone or send sms to

T. 0049-17678918360 or 0049-15736363872 or write us in the contact formular.